TV3 announce brand new TV shows for Autumn 2019!

This Autumn, TV3 will launch a number of brand new tv series to keep viewers entertained as the cold nights draw in.

your face sounds familiar.jpg

"Your Face Sounds Familiar", is open to all talented people who can imitate or parody songs by well-known artists. In addition to honor and fame, there is also a prize of € 10,000, which requires participants to find their way into the heart of the audience. Every week, new talented people take the place of drop-outs.. Fascinating TV viewers from week to week, the eight-part finals will end with a grand final where viewers choose the winner!

beach house.jpg

The new beachfront series "Beach House" offers viewers lots of romantic relationships and crazy adventures! Six young people and singles are moving to a beach house with the sole purpose of establishing romantic relationships and finding a companion. If there is no matched-up couple, they will organize single weekly singles to find a companion at the party.

the estonian psychic test.jpg

A new magic battle begins to find the best psychic in Estonia. 12 psychic clairvoyants, shamans, witches, magicians and fortune tellers enter a mysterious competition for the title of the best psychic in Estonia. Events right in front of the television camera that cannot be explained by common sense, and stories that have plagued people and families for years will be solved. The Estonian Psychic Test will begin already in September.


Food lovers have every reason to be delighted, as this fall, Joel Ostrat, an entrepreneur with 15 years of experience in the restaurant business and highly regarded chef, will be putting on his own TV show. "The Great Dinner" is a series of shows featuring, in each episode, acclaimed restaurateur and chef Joel Ostra challenge one Estonian star to try and cook a top-notch dinner for a hundred people. All this is funny, practical and exciting at the same time. How Tõnis Niinemets, Lenna Kuurmaa, Mattias Naan, Kristel Aaslaid, Peeter Oja and many others can handle it will be seen already in the autumn.

All of these shows and more will be available to enjoy from this Autumn on TV3.